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Detention Locks, Hardware and Padding System

Detention Locks, Hardware and Padding System

Detention Hardware Lock & Accessories

Trussco offers a wide range of detention-grade security systems designed, built and tested to surpass the most stringent requirements for medium to maximum security facilities while ensuring safety for all end user.


Security and Detention Products

Trussco Safety Padding System

What? Where? Why?

Detention Hardware Lock can be widely applied in medium to maximum security detention door suitable for use in cells, corridors, entrances and sally-ports etc, for remotely controlled electric unlocking. Electro-Mechanical Dead-latch Series are pin tumbler, motor operated locks for swinging doors. After rigorous and precise inspections and more than a thousand tests to ensure that the products pass the test before launching the market

Padded Cell

A tough, resilient padding system for Prisons, Police Stations, Court Houses or Remand Centers with maximum safety. Fire resistant, fungal resistant with minimum maintenance required. For the protection of mental patients or inmates.

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Address            : Trussco Pte Ltd 33 Tuas Basin Link                                                 Singapore 638768

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