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Ministrator and Homeland Security Equipment

Defense and Security

Trussco offers state-of-the-art security devices for deployment for ground personnel as well as for training by the defense and LE agencies. 


Provide equipment to Law Enforcement, Armed Forces and safeguard lives of civilians and personal


Trussco has always supported Law enforcement and the Armed Forces by sourcing and recommending the top quality and the latest in reality-based training equipment and technology which allows personnel to get as close as possible to real life scenarios.

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Trussco value is a partnership with other distributors both regionally and globally.

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2015 TEC Torch Promotion

2015 TEC Torch Promotion

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TEC Torch

TEC Torch is the premiere handheld breaching tool for law enforcement, military, and first-response emergency personnel. TEC Torch is designed for speed and portability to save lives.


StressVest is the world's first non-projectile, the force on force, firearm tactical training system. The system utilizes a training firearm that fire a laser pulse which activates the StressVest when it strikes center mass. Depending on the setting, the vest will either deliver a vibration or a safe, localized shock to the abdomen.

USCCA Reviews: Stress Vest

USCCA Reviews: Stress Vest

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Industry           : Detention Business

Operating Time     : Monday – Friday 8.30 to 05.30PM

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Address            : Trussco Pte Ltd 33 Tuas Basin Link                                                 Singapore 638768

Phone              : +65 6273 9088

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